Our Mission

We strive to present high quality Bulgarian Arts and Culture in the United Kingdom. We feel that Bulgarian Arts and Culture needs a better promotion and we feel we are in a position to help. We take into consideration projects which would be difficult to “sell” on the ordinary culture & arts market and we try to make them possible. Our sinergy with other institutions, NGOs and private sponsors have helped making those projects real.

Why support us

We feel that we are one of the very few serious Bulgarian NGO organisations abroad that have delivered professionally staged events in the most prestigious venues in London. We believe that we had a good impact on the UK culture & arts scene over the last 10 years. We have built strong relationships with established institutions such as: Visiting Arts, British Council, Bulgarian Embassy, London, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgaria, Ministry of Culture, Bulgaria, Riverside Studios, South Bank Centre, Curzon Cinemas, Conway Hall, and many more. We have worked with a large number of private partners and sponsors, and they were always very pleased with our events.